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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bicycles and Me

I never really learned to ride a bike.

["WHAT. Howwww is that possible??? YOU HAVE TO LEARN Oh my god it's the best thing ever it's so fun and amazing and sooo many reasons bloo blee blah blah!!!"]

I know you were thinking it. Everyone in the world has that response (yes, that EXACT response. It's eerie) when they learn this particular factoid about me. What can I say? I know everyone is right. 

I tried to learn once. It was a rather ill-fated attempt. My dear friend Morticia (that is not her name, but it has the right number of syllables) tried to teach me during Spring break of our sophomore year of high school. We were spending the week at my grandparents' house on Sanibel island. The plan was that my family would drop us off at the bike rental place, head over to the Sanibel Cafe for brunch, and Morticia and I would meet them there. The distance was roughly half a mile

All the tables at the Sanibel Cafe have different designs of sea shells in them. It is completely charming. There was once a time when I could identify every sea shell.

Well...we met them there. OVER AN HOUR LATER. My most vivid memories consist of repeatedly crashing into the same giant hedge in a parking lot along the way. 

So no, I never really learned to ride a bike. Another, no less significant reason that I never really pursued this particular hobby: I fear death. I reeeeally don't want to get hit by a car. I know more than a few people who've gotten in serious bike accidents. But I will gladly acknowledge that this is just the teensiest bit insane, and not a good reason to write off biking.

But today I had a thorough change of heart. Here's what happened: 

I was all set to go to this new yoga class after work. I've only been to the studio once before, and it was the most challenging yoga class I've ever been to. I could feel an addiction coming on. I left my house with more than enough time to get to the studio before class, when some horrible quirk of the bus system and living at the end of line caused the first bus driver who passed to open the door, make a "You just stop right there, Missy!" hand motion at me, and yell out "I'm going home for the day!" before speeding off, and the second bus driver - who would have juuuust gotten me to the studio on time -- to pull over, open the door, and say nonchalantly, "You can sit down in the bus but I'm not leaving for another ten minutes," before strolling off to have a smoke break. Long story short: there was just no way.

There are few things in life as deeply infuriating as being completely thwarted by public transit. A bike would have gotten me there in ten minutes.

So! I have a new project. Wish me luck.

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  1. oh joy! You can take me on a bike tour when I visit you.