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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Café Chronicles

WHY is it so HARD to post on my BLOG? I do so many cool things! In this wonderful city! Things I want to share! Yeesh. 

As you read this post, I think you should listen to this boppy song. Magdalena, by Brandon "I had no idea the lead singer of the Killers was so hot" Flowers. Please ignore the Mormonization & focus instead on the nice things he says about San Francisco.

Anyway. Back to stuff I do.

Today we're going to talk about Coffee shops.

Don't be too impressed by the classic literature. Somebody left the Sunday paper on the seat next to me so I just sat there reading the comics. Plus...I'm not feeling that book so far. It's not as risqué as "Lady Chatterly's Lover." I just read this scene where a man tries to sexily describe pollination to a lady, and it just kind of fell flat, you know?

The coffee shop thing happens quite often. It's one of my favorite activities. The more astute among you may recognize That Sandwich! Interestingly enough (actually I'm fairly certain that this is interesting to NO ONE BUT ME), the steak florentine sandwich at the Grove on Chestnut St. is far superior to the steak florentine sandwich at the Grove on Fillmore St. The meat is better. The sandwich you see above is from the Grove on Fillmore. In certain light, the steak had an oddly greenish cast. I made the executive decision not to pay attention to the color of the meat and instead focus on cartoons & eat it anyway. I'm proud to be an American. Next!

This completely charming quiche & tomato basil soup combo is from an Italian café on Sacramento St., somewhere in Laurel Heights. I was just wandering around and happened upon this place -- it was legit. The owner was SPEAKING ITALIAN. Flashbacks to the Summer of 2006 (during which, come to think about it, I sat in quite a few a coffee shops in Florence reading "A Room with a View," fulfilling many a study abroad cliché)  Anyway here's the sign:

There are so many great coffee shops and cafés in this city. And now that we're going there, the coffee itself is just beyond belief. Being here has made me realize that Starbucks coffee tastes like the bottom of a trash can. People get reeeeal fancy with their coffee here. At Four Barrel they toast the beans right in the shop.

Mole People

The coffee at Four Barrel is SO GOOD - no sugar necessary at all. It's so smooth! So complex! The after-notes are simply divine. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, but believe me it's delicious. Just ask this line of customers:

You can't see it but there are a bunch of taxidermied boar heads on the wall on the left.

All right, I've had just about enough of Monday and I have to go to sleep. Guten nacht! (Or as my iPhone likes to say, "Gutenberg Nacho!")

Ritual Coffee on Valencia St. loves you!


  1. Ah, glad you're back on blogworld, I missed you! All your food posts make me hungry. Lunch time, yeah!

  2. OOO the food looks yummy. But I feel about DH Lawrence the way you feel about Google+, ya know?