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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hic Est Sonja.

In case you didn't spend 5 beautiful years of your adolescence studying Latin, the title of this post means "Here is Sonja." Fitting. Because I am here. 

What's that? You're wondering where I am? Why, I'm in San Francisco, you nerd! As of 5 days ago, I am a newly minted, fresh-off-the-plane California resident. It's been an unbelievable whirlwind of packing, giving things away (Calphalon pans, you live in my heart), and a very special, very intense brand of anxiety reserved for cross-country moves, triple-bypass surgery, and watching high school kids forget their lines onstage. I actually gave myself psychosomatic heart pains.

Did you know...that a smarte carte costs $5 at SFO?

But I finally made it! The first few days in a brand new city are absolutely magical. Even the street names have a special ring to them. Fillmore, Vallejo, Geary, Mission, charming! 

I don't know what it is about street names that just gets me. I remember my first few days in Chicago, being completely enchanted with names like Clark, Lake, Monroe & Dearborn...A great street name has personality, imagery, and can communicate so much about a city. (And sometimes, if you have the sense of humor of an 11 year old boy, street names can be hilarious. Here's lookin' at you, Avenida MaipĂș!)

My dear friends, I hope you will not hate me too much when I show you pictures of my new neighborhood. And can suck it. This is my backyard.

That's right suckaaaaaz! I live in a national park. This means several things.

  1. The air smells like Eucalyptus.
  2. I am surrounded by the most perfect grass in the universe. It is cushy, lush, would humiliate Philadelphia grass. We're talking Retirement-Community-Level grass. This grass is not kidding around.
  3. This is federal land so....NO MARIJUANA ALLOWED. Also no pedophiles! (...silver lining.)
  4. I frequent the same Starbucks as all the employees of Lucasfilms. I get to add a little pizzazz to my mornings when I convince myself that every old man with white hair and a latte is George Lucas.
  5. I can see Alcatraz from my backyard, and I get a sweet view of the Golden Gate Bridge every morning on my way to the bus.

I's really just beyond description. 

Well that's all for now. A girl must leave something to the imagination, non? I will continue to document my adventures on this blog, don't you worry. 

Adios muchachos! As my father would say...¡vaya con huevos!


  1. You didn't mention me enough. Do it again.

  2. Your time will come, Alex-san.

  3. For those of us living in Fort Myers, Florida, we have a minimum of half-a-dozen streets, avenues, and roads with the moniker "Winkler." What does that tell you about this town?